Trimming Guidelines

We want your finished product to be just as perfect as you do, but as with any mechanical process, there are tolerances that should be taken into account. Our trimming tolerance is 5mm in either direction, so when building your file, please follow the below guidelines to ensure your project is printed correctly.

Crop/Trim Edge

This is the edge of the final printed product. For a standard business card the trim dimensions would be 85 x 55mm

Bleed Edge

Images should be pushed out to the bleed edge, 5mm past the trim edge on every side.

Safe Edge

Text and other key elements should be placed within the safe edge, which is 5mm inside the trim edge. This will ensure that no text is cut off due to variations in the trimming process.

Correct Sample

The background image has been extended 5mm past the Trim Edge and the text is within the Safe Edge.

Correct Sample

Incorrect Sample

The background image has not been extended to the Bleed Edge. This could result in strips of white around the edges of the business card.

Incorrect Sample