Ramadan and Eid Greeting Cards Promotion

Posted by Administrator on Tue, 1 May 2018

Go beyond celebrating the holy occasion of Ramadan by personalising your Ramadan Greeting and Eid cards. You can enhance your greeting cards by our very specialised Arabic calligraphy artwork created by the renowned calligrapher Wissam Shawkat.

Choose one of the 3 attractive promotion packages:


Simple Card Printing

Full printing design, recipient address and company logo or name with envelope
Less than 100 cards: AED 30  |   More than 100 cards: AED 25
(Minimum 50 qty cards)



Elegant Calligraphy

Foil calligraphy, full printing recipient address and company logo or name with envelope
Less than 100 cards: AED 35  |  More than 100 cards: AED 30
(Minimum 50 qty cards)



Luxury Foil and Embossing

Printing of recipient address, company logo or name with envelope
Less than 100 cards: AED 45  |  More than 100 cards: AED 38
(Minimum 50 qty cards)

Promotion is valid up to the end of Ramadan. Email us for further information on hello@spectrumdubai.com

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